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Bicycling in Chicago: Great Bike Trails near our Elk Grove Hotel

1383407 bicycle symbol Bicycling in Chicago: Great Bike Trails near our Elk Grove HotelVisitors to our O’Hare Airport Hotel often tell us that one of their favorite activities when visiting the Elk Grove area is to take advantage of some of the great bicycling in Chicago. Bicycling is a fun outdoor activity to do, no matter how large or small your party, or the ages of the members in your group, and it’s a great way to see another side of Illinois, one you may miss from the inside of a motor vehicle.

Great Chicago Bike Trails near our Elk Grove Hotel

While there are several beautiful trails nearby that we would be happy to help you explore in more detail once you arrive, there are two that we definitely recommend to all of our visitors, regardless of their biking skill-level and experience: The Busse Woods Bike Trail and The Des Plaines River Trail.

Highlights of the Busse Woods Chicago Bike Trail

The Busse Woods Bike Trail is approximately 20 miles in length and is located in the Ned Brown Forest Preserve, just 5 minutes from our Elk Grove hotel. The trail is entirely paved, and runs through the northwest suburbs ofChicago offering a great view of some of the lesser seen and known outdoor highlights. You can access the trail from pretty much any of the forest preserve entrances, most of which are off route 72. The trail features some lovely scenery, including meadows, woods and lakes and is safe for riders from a variety of skill levels due to its topography. The trail is often populated by fishers, kite-flyers and boaters and is sure to provide plenty of entertainment.

Highlights of the Des Plaines River Chicago Bike Trail

The Des Plaines River Trail is quite long, over 39 miles, and crosses through two counties. Located just 10 minutes from our Elk Grove hotel this trail is formed of a nice crushed limestone path and is mostly flat, making it a safe route for most cyclists. It is also well known for taking riders through almost all of the northernChicago suburbs without requiring them to stop or cross any major intersections, making it safer for families riding with younger children. This trail is very scenic, with lots of shady, wooded sections, mixed with beautiful open prairie areas. This trail also tends to be a little less crowded than some of the more popular ones, like the Busse Woods Bike Trail, making it a little better for those hoping to avoid a crowd in the hotter months.

More Bicycling in Chicago Options for visitors: 

If you’re thinking of coming to Chicagoand visiting our Elk Grove hotel, there are plenty of nearby bike shops, trails and rest stops for outdoor enthusiasts. Visit our website and contact our O’Hare Airport hotel staff and they can help you determine whichChicago bike trail is ideal for your visit.

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